Everything Fringe: Ovalhouse Theatre


We speak to Rachel Briscoe, one of the Directors of Theatre for the Ovalhouse Theatre in South London. What the Find out what the Ovalhouse's artistic policy of 'Stories told Sideways' means, why the River Effra causes them all sorts of problems, and what the future has in store for this marvellous venue.


Everything Fringe: Tristan Bates Theatre


The Tristan Bates’ programming policy makes it one of the most interesting venues in London. They look for new writing, new productions or interpretations of existing texts and regional productions.


Everything Fringe: LAStheatre at the Old Vic Tunnels


LAStheatre is the production company behind The Enlightenment Café. We talk to Barra and Andy about their production company, the idea behind it, and their upcoming show in the Old Vic Tunnels.


Everything Fringe: New Diorama Theatre


We are very grateful to David for spending some time with us over the weekend to take part in the first of our Everything Fringe Initiative Blogcasts!


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